More often than not, I find myself thinking that I’m not “witchy” enough. I feel as though I’m not fulfilling the witch side of myself by never performing these elaborate rituals I read about or summoning things. Then I think, well I’ve never been like that. It just isn’t me, so should I force it? I am not part of a coven or anything of that sort. It is only me and occasionally my husband, who will sit near my altar area after we put the kids to bed. We will light candles, burn incense and just discuss our thoughts. Maybe we have invented something called communicative social meditation! There are times when he plays piano for me while I meditate, work with my tarot cards or focus in on my candles.

I look around my bedroom and I don’t really have a set altar but rather a corner area of our room that I’ve declared as Mine!! Yet I have herbs (from my tiny garden in front of my apartment), dried and hanging from the ceiling. I have jars of herbs, incense blends and oils kind of distributed around the area; and of course candles with wax dripping everywhere. It’s then that I realize… yes I am a witch, there’s no high council of witches (that I know of at least) who are going to bang on my door to say “you’re doing it wrong!” So if my practice revolves around me sitting in my room burning herbs, candles, and collecting jars of water, then that’s me being a witch and I think I’m okay with it.